417: Fail Better

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
– Samuel Beckett

The HTTP error number 417 refers to a situation where the web serve cannot meet the expectations of the client. In many other areas of our lives, what is considered to be an “error” is often a failure to meet certain expectations or fit into a structured framework.

This exhibition sets out to explore the range of these kinds of “errors,” from good intentions lost in cultural translation and unavoidable visual variation in the process of replication, to the taxonomy of the human body and the inevitable fatal error of cataclysm.

In cataloging these deviations from a utopian ideal, the artists seek to show exactly how impossible perfection can be, and the richness of life that is only possible through missing the mark.

Personal exhibition in collaboration with AALTO University of Arts in Helsinki, Finland. Place- A Space in Helsinki.

img_4971 img_4820 img_4821  img_4823


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